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Apollo Journey

At Apollo Journey we work together with our clients in co-creation to achieve digital innovation. Our entire process is focussed at the quick achievement of value using various digital means. Our in-house development team and many international partners are able to create amazing vizualisation and applications using the latest in gaming technology.

We invite you to take a look at our work and in touch with us to get to know more about what digital innovation and vizualisation could mean for your business. 

The Apollo methodology for innovative software design ensures an efficient and effective process. We call this process the conceptual journey. Using this methodology, we offer, but are not limited, to the following services.

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality allows us to see the digital layer over our physical world. Enabling us to access information which we could only reach through our computers and mobile devices. Information and graphical input such as sensor data, GPS, video and audio can now be directly accessed. The Augmented Reality technology has already proven to be an extremely viable asset for commercial, navigation, training and maintenance purposes.

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality has become quite the hype the past few years. With popular hardware such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive we are seeing more and more productions using this technology. Apart from the various applications in gaming we are also realizing the potential for training and simulation. Virtual Reality allows us to experience and interact with realistic and fictional worlds while in a safe environment. Together with the potential to measure and review the exact performance of the user this holds much promise for a wide variety of professional applications. Whether you are visualizing your latest product, imagining the end-result of your construction project, or envisioning your new work environment, our experts can help you achieve the ultimate VR presentation.

Innovative designs

The rapid introduction of new digital innovations is disrupting industries on a worldwide scale allowing smaller, newer players to establish massive market shares and overtake established companies. Apollo Journey can help you adopt these disruptive technologies to increase your market share, realize massive efficiency gains, and stay light years ahead of the competition. Our expert software developers and user experience designers are eager to hear about your ideas. You will never have to deal with clumsy and ill-fitting off-the-shelf software when you can have an amazing digital solution tailor-made to perfectly fit your organization’s needs.

Serious gaming

Gaming has already entered our lives in so many ways, and there’s a simple reason for this: everybody loves to game! With games, people are motivated, excited, concentrated, and challenging themselves with the task of playing a game! We use games to accomplish so much in business. We can massively increase your customer’s engagement, retain and inspire employees, and convince your stakeholders effortlessly.

In the spotlight

Future Field Labs

Future Field Labs is a virtual reality experience created for the military. In the experience, the user can freely walk around and view the military base of the future. Through information points, and by listening to the virtual people they can find out more about the base.

The project was made in Unreal and Unity by a team of six, over the course of 4 months.

It was showcased during the Future Forces Conference of 2017 on the following platforms: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR

Project Details

Client: Dutch Ministry of Defence

Tags: mobile, PC, Virtual Reality

The Virtual Car Extrication system

The Virtual Car Extrication system, or VCET, has been created for Resqtec Zumro, expert in the field of heavy rescue equipment. The VCET system has been specifically created to enable fireman to train for car evacuation methods in the virtual world. Every car crash is different, and apart from the varying environment the specific type or car makes a giant difference in the aVCET simulates a car crash situation in which the fireman must perform the correct steps to quickly and safely evacuate the victim.

Project Details

Client: Resqtec Zumro

Tags: mobile, PC

Urban Search & Rescue Training

It is a common tragedy that often, some of the casualties in the aftermath of natural disasters are rescue workers. Whilst most other people (rightly) try to avoid dangerous areas, rescuers are tasked to enter them as quickly as possible.

As rescue workers know all too well, the sooner victims are saved from the rubble of a collapsed building, the greater their chance of survival. However, this eagerness can put further lives at risk. In order to create a safe environment for rescue worker to train their skills, Apollo Journey joined forces with Resqtec Zumro. ResQtec has over 4 decades worth of experience in supporting rescue workers around the world. They strive not only to provide rescuers with the best tools, but also with the right knowledge to ensure that accidents do not add to the already devastating toll of disasters.

Together we created a virtual urban search and rescue course. The aim of the course is to prepare rescuers for the implications of entering collapsed or semi-collapsed structures and how to best look after themselves, to save others.

Project Details

Client: Urban Search & Rescue Training

Tags: mobile, PC

Cabin VR

At Apollo Journey we are always improving our skill in Virtual reality. As Virtual reality is a new technology the key is to be one step ahead of the competition. As we continuously evolve our skillset while working on new VR projects, we still take time to explore our own creativity.

We decided to sketch and then visualize a yacht room in Virtual reality. This project helped us to improve on the lightning, better optimisme materials and improving the overall framerate. We can use the knowledge we acquired during this concept design in upcoming projects. The scene was modelled and textured with sketchup and 3DSMax. The final VR experience was done with the Unity engine.

Click here for a 360 video of Cabin VR

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