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Lab4242 is een jong VR bedrijf wat zich heeft kunnen profileren met enkele zelfontwikkelde producten zoals PaintLab HTC Vive app en Virtual Soccer GearVR app. Ze geven graag demonstraties waarbij de mogelijke voordelen van VR voor een bedrijf worden uitgelicht.

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25 Jul, 2016  

Today our client SCA, supplier of hygiene products, announced the release of SpaceLAB: the Virtual Reality planogramming application for retail stores around the world compatible with the HTC Vive. In this blog I’d like to share with you why we developed SpaceLAB for them, why it matters to SCA’s business and how we make SpaceLAB applicable for other retail stores in the nearby future. Virtual Reality in retail SCA offers a wide range of products which they sell to their customers, including supermarkets from all around the world. Based on advice from suppliers, supermarkets decide what products are sold and how they are presented to consumers, when laying on the shelves in the supermarket or other ‘highlighted places’ within their stores. SCA designs these initial 2D “planogram” proposals for supermarkets, making it a crucial part of their sales process. After designing several 2D planograms, a print screen was made of the ‘what-could-be’ final planograms. Then it is placed in a PowerPoint sheet and a SCA sales representative travels to the client, to present the planograms. Besides this process being time consuming, many times the client wants to make adjustments to the proposed planograms, to see what it looks like and eventually to make estimations on what it could do to improve sales. These adjustment can’t be made directly, sometimes leaving the sales representative behind empty handed, not being able to answer the client’s demand to have products presented on different spots on the shelves. SpaceLAB: immerse yourself in your Virtual Reality store With the interactive Virtual Reality environment of SpaceLAB SCA and supermarkets can now easily edit, show and share planograms in Virtual Reality. Thanks to RoomScale, users can walk and look around physically, while walking and looking around in a scaled Virtual Reality retail environment, making it a very realistic experience. Using a desktop interface, the HTC Vive Head Mounted Display and buttons on the motion controllers, within SpaceLAB the retail store can be visited, shelves and products can be relocated and planograms can be imported and exported to awidely used file format within the retail industry. Not only does it give the client the ability to make adjustments in an instant, it also helps SCA to save costs and time, making their sales process faster by an estimated 200%! and offers an immersive VR experience to clients. The future of SpaceLab We’re very happy to have developed such a valuable Virtual Reality application for SCA. Seeing that it adds so much value, we hope to implement many more cool features in the future. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us feel free to email us at marketing(at)

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