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Moyosa Media

We love designing & building digital experiences. We set out to challenge technical feasibility and to exceed expectations of what any digital experience can do to excite and engage people, and provide innovative concepts, based on maximizing fun, engagement, data capture and analytics

In the spotlight

Het Kremer Museum (VR)

In late October 2017, at an exclusive event at Sotheby’s New York we announced the launch of the Kremer Museum, an innovative new concept that combines cutting-edge technology with world-class masterpieces. Designed by architect Johan van Lierop, Founder of Architales and Principal at Studio Libeskind, the museum features 74 Dutch & Flemish Old Master paintings from the Collection and will be accessible exclusively through Virtual Reality (VRtechnology.

For the creation of the museum, each painting has been photographed between 2,500 and 3,500 times using the ‘photogrammetry’ technique to build one ultra high resolution visual model for each painting, allowing the museum’s visitors to enjoy a deeply immersive experience with the paintings. Using VR technology, visitors will be able to examine the artworks’ surface and colors up-close, as well as view the reverse of the paintings to explore each work’s unique stamps of provenance.

Skoda Vision E concept Car - Shanghai

The General Concept

To achieve as much reach as possible and create an experience in line with ŠKODA’S vision on innovation, Moyosa Media was asked to create a virtual reality experience for the VISION E.

The idea is to create an innovative experience implementing several technique’s touching the boundary of what is possible. The story of the experience is to let users experience the new Vision E through an interactive experience while explaining the idea behind the conceptcar and showing important features in the process.

We decided to divide the launch of the VISION E into two projects, respectively the Teaser phase and the Magic world. The Teaser phase consists of a series of mobile applications for Daydream, iOS and Android. The Magic World is a release for HTC Vive, both single player as well as multiplayer.

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